3. Hardwood

3. Hardwood
Advantages Of White Oak Hardwood

The demand for white oak hardwood is increasingly becoming popular for flooring as well as for other purposes. There are two main types of oak hardwood one being the white oak and the other red oak. The two species are different. Many people prefer white oak redwood for their flooring and other uses because of their numerous advantages. The white oak hardwood is slightly darker and browner than the red oak. The white oak also has smoother grains than the red oak. The following are some of the advantages of white oak hardwood.

The white oak hardwood appears more recent, contemporary and modern, especially when used for flooring. They have fewer grains as compared to the red oak, which makes them appear less traditional. The growth rings of the white oak hardwood are also closer together, which makes them smoother and with uniform flow. The white oak also contains more mineral streaks, which are linear, which further makes them more modern. Click on bairdbrothers.com

The other advantage of white oak as compared to the red oak is that they are harder and more durable which makes them more resilient to dents. If durability and hardness are what you are looking for in a hardwood, then you should settle on the white oak. The white oak is also significantly more resistant to water than the red oak, and that is why they are preferred for use in kitchen flooring, entry areas as well powder rooms and other areas with more exposure to moisture and water.

The white oak is also more advantageous because of its closed-grains, which further increases its resistance to water and decay. That explains why the white oak hardwood is highly preferred for boat building, front door saddles and jambs since they are more exposed to water, moisture and other elements of nature. Read on Baird Brothers

The white oak hardwood is also more preferable for white, gray, and dark stain doors. These stain colors come out more appealing on the white oak than on other woods like red oak, which has pinkish/reddish undertones. When looking for white oak hardwood, it is vital that you find a reputable dealer who sells genuine and quality wood.

Check the website of the potential white oak dealer to find out about the services they offer. Settle on a more experienced white oak hardwood dealer who sell their products at prices that fall within your budget. Find out more on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hYWU5PMi64